Tourism development ongoing in Kanimeedhoo

Minister of Tourism Abdulla Mausoom has stated the development of tourism is ongoing in Kanimeedhoo, Thaa Atoll, under a cross-subsidy basis. He made the remarks while responding to questions at the Parliament of the Maldives regarding the government’s development plans for Kanimeedhoo.

Responding to the questions, Minister Mausoom said the government had sought a contractor to quickly develop Kanimeedhoo and that 10 hectares of the land plot were opened for bidding but that no proposals were submitted for the island when the bidding period expired. The minister said that the government now plans to lease the island on a cross-subsidy basis and that the larger goal is to improve air travel in Thaa Atoll and develop Vilufushi Airport.

Kanimeedhoo is an uninhabited island near Veymandoo that had previously been leased to a private party for fisheries and agricultural purposes. However, the island was removed from the mandate of the agriculture ministry and handed over to the Thaa Atoll Council temporarily in September 2019. Kanimeedhoo was opened for bidding in April 2021. However, no proposals were submitted for the island when the bidding period expired in June 2021. Currently, Thaa Atoll consists of a 152-bed island resort, while six guesthouses are in operation on five islands with a total capacity of 700 beds.