STO to reward customers for using reusable bags

State Trading Organisation (STO) announces it will reward customers for shopping at the STO People’s Choice Supermart using reusable bags.

STO will be giving out the rewards as part of the Plastic Noon Gotheh campaign to advocate for alternatives to single-use plastic bags. STO is participating in the campaign in collaboration with Maldives Authentic Crafts Cooperative Society and Dhiraagu, a Maldivian telecommunications company.

Managing Director Hussain Amru said STO eliminated the use of plastic bags at its pharmacies last year, which had amounted to one million plastic bags, and that minimising the use of plastic bags at the STO People’s Choice Supermart will prevent the use of two million plastic bags per year.

As part of the campaign, STO will be giving out over 500 reusable bags embedded with near-field communication (NFC) chips. Customers will be able to obtain points by downloading a mobile application and scanning the bag after shopping at the STO People's Choice Supermart and receive rewards such as Dhiraagu data and STO products priced between USD7 and USD32 when they earn enough points.