Over 100kg of papayas to be sold from Laamu Atoll farms weekly

Agro National Corporation (AgroNat) has revealed over 100kg of papayas will be released to the market from the farms of Laamu Atoll on a weekly basis.

Speaking to PSM News, Head of Sales and Marketing at AgroNat Ahmed Zaki said the corporation is currently receiving papaya from the farms of Gan and Isdhoo in Laamu Atoll. He said AgroNat expects over 100kg of papaya to be released to the market from these farms on a weekly basis.

Speaking further, Zaki revealed the papaya farms in Gan and Isdhoo are different from most other papaya farms in the country. As such, Zaki noted these farms are more aesthetically pleasing and are able to produce high-quality papaya. He said the products of these farms are usually sold to nearby islands and resorts after keeping a certain amount on the home island, after which any remaining products are sold to wholesalers in Male’.

AgroNat has been working with local farmers to increase the production of fruits and vegetables during the holy month of Ramadan, which usually brings a hike in prices due to increased demand. The increased production levels this year have enabled the prices of items to be under control during Ramadan.