Over 130 individuals supplying products to Authentic Maldives

Business Centre Corporation (BCC) reveals over 130 individuals are currently supplying products to the Authentic Maldives shops operated by the corporation.

Speaking to PSM News, Head of Market Access Business Development of BCC Mohamed Jaushan said the main objective of the establishment of Authentic Maldives was to provide a platform where small businesses could market and sell their local products. Jaushan revealed Authentic Maldives began operations with 50 suppliers, but has now grown to over 130 suppliers across multiple outlets established in the Greater Male’ Region as well as resorts. He added BCC plans to increase the number of outlets in order to release more local products to the market.

Speaking further, Jaushan said although most suppliers were initially selling their products at Authentic Maldives on a part-time basis, there are now suppliers who are working full-time. He said anybody can sell their own local products at Authentic Maldives, noting the requirement is to ensure at least 30% of the product is produced in the Maldives.

The first outlet of Authentic Maldives was opened at Velana International Airport (VIA) in January 2020. The second outlet was opened at Hulhumale’ Centro Mall in November 2020, followed by a third outlet in Male’ in March 2021. Authentic Maldives opened its first resort outlet at Kudavillingili Resort in October 2021.

Authentic Maldives is an initiative by BCC to promote the sale of local products. BCC was established in 2019 under the Ministry of Economic Development to promote and assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the business centres established across the country.